Gail Brekke

Department President 2017-18


District Presidents

District 1 – Karen Warnke
District 2 – Paty Thrond
District 3 – Kathy Brockberg
District 4 – Cleo Bonham
District 5 – Twyla Bauch-Scofield
District 6 – Dave Scofield
District 7 – Doris Anderson
District 8 – Jean Scholar
District 9 – Diane Rux

Dept. Officers

Senior Vice – Patches Presfield
Junior Vice – Frankie Bill
Chaplain – Paige Amundson
Conductress – Jamie Cassavant
Guard – Sonia Tatge
Chief of Staff – Laurie Dale

Department Chairman

Veteran & Family Services – Frankie Bill
Americanism – Carol Kratz
Hospital – Karen Haugen
Chief of Staff/Extension – Laurie Dale
Membership – Jamie Cassavant
Legislative – Tracy McReynolds
National Scholarships – Paige Amundson
Youth Activities – Ashley Punches

MN Dept Secretary Marilyn Sheffield

MN Dept Treasurer Laurie Dale

NATIONAL DELEGATES AND ALTERNATES:  Shall be elected at the regular meeting in APRIL and submitted to National not before April 1 nor after May 31.  National will not accept the delegate form with a meeting date prior to April 1.  Also be sure the filled in total Auxiliary membership  is as of the Date of Election.   The form can be sent to National Headquarters or the Auxiliary Secretary can input at the VFW Auxiliary website:

2017 Life Membership Fees