Frankie Bill

Department President 2019-20

District Presidents

District 1 – Linda Henry

District 2 – Johanna Rowe

District 3 – Mary Ann O’Reilly

District 4 – Cynthia Fritsche

District 5 – Twyla Bauch-Scofield

District 6 – Sue Wiersgalla

District 7 – Shelley Solheid

District 8 – Julie Stoehr

District 9 – Karen Haugen

Dept. Officers

Senior Vice – Paige Amundson
Junior Vice –  Jamie Cassavant
Chaplain –  Sonia Tatge
Conductor –  Dave Scofield 
Guard – Karen England
Chief of Staff –  Terri Fenn

Dept. Chairman

Veterans and Family Support –  Sonia Tatge
Americanism- Shelley Solheid
Buddy Poppy/National Home- Twyla Scofield
Historian/Media Relations-Renee McCloden
Hospital- Karen Haugen
Legislative-Goldie Bosard
Membership- Dave Scofield
Mentoring for Leadership-Trudy Pierce
Scholarship-Jamie Cassavant
Youth Activities-Tracy McReynolds

MN Dept Secretary/Treasurer Laurie Dale

MAY 23, 2020
2 – 6 PM

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DATE: March 19, 2020

TO: VFW Auxiliary Members – Department of Minnesota

FROM: Department President Francesca “Frankie” Bill

SUBJECT: Office Procedure – COVID-19

The VFW Auxiliary is committed to the health and safety of our employees and members. In this very fluid situation, we are taking every effort to best serve the needs of our members in a manner that promotes health and safety for all. Given guidance from the CDC on limiting the spread of COVID-19, and following National VFW Auxiliary Headquarters decision to work remotely, and as a precautionary measure, Department of Minnesota VFW Auxiliary staff will be working remotely from Monday, March 23, 2020, through Friday, April 3, 2020. To ensure that the work of our local auxiliaries, districts and department can continue; we will be relying heavily on email ( and )and telephone (651-291-1759)to assist you with any issues you may have. Our Department Treasurer will pick up mail once a week at the Department Headquarters Office.  Please be assured that we hope to be back in our office on Monday, April 6, 2020 and resume operations as usual. If there will be any change to the aforementioned dates, we will be in contact with you via mass emails, our Department website and the Department Facebook page. A mass mailing of important information will be mailed to every Auxiliary President and District President. Please know, this decision was not made lightly and we intend to serve our members as best we can under these unprecedented circumstances.

Francesca “Frankie” Bill, President

Department of MN

VFW Auxiliary

2019 Life Membership Fees