Patches Presfield

Department President 2018-19

District Presidents

District 1 – Karen England

District 2 – Paty Thrond

District 3 – Mary Ann O’Reilly

District 4 – Cleo Bonham

District 5 – Twyla Bauch-Scofield

District 6 – Deann Reynolds

District 7 – Pat  Bjur-Johnson

District 8 – Cindy Slater

District 9 – Bill Cassavant

Dept. Officers

Senior Vice – Frankie  Bill

Junior Vice – Paige Amundson

Chaplain – Jamie Cassavant

Conductress – Sonia Tatge

Guard – Dave Scofield

Chief of Staff – Joyce Abers

MN Dept Secretary Marilyn Sheffield

MN Dept Treasurer Laurie Dale

National President Sandi Kriebel is visiting August 17-19th. Please give her a big Minnesota welcome!

National President's Visitation Schedule. (Click here to download)

National President Dinner Reservation Form - Click Here

August 17 – 3:00 – 6:00 pm: Reception at Krause-Hartig Post 6587
Please bring Color Bearer flags for the Aisle of Flags

August 18 – 8:00 am: Breakfast at the hotel
9:15 am: Tour of the St. Cloud VA Medical Center
11:00 am: Camp Ripley – lunch with the troops (members will pay for their own lunch if there is a charge.)
1:00 pm (approx.): Tour and view paintings at the Committal Hall at the Little Falls Cemetery
5:00 pm: Social hour at the Sauk Rapids Post 6992, Sauk Rapids. Please bring Color Bearer flags for the Aisle of Flags
6:00 pm: Dinner at the Sauk Rapids post ($12.00)

Clarification of Auxiliary Treasurers Inputting Membership into MALTA

First, the decision to remove the ability of the Auxiliary Treasurer to input membership that requires an application was not made lightly. This has been a discussion over the course of this past year by the National Officers and based on conversations with Department Leadership and the regular members throughout the country. This decision is not designed as any type of punishment to anyone. We are now recognizing that as an organization we have a responsibility to make sure our Officers are properly trained and this will be a major focus this next year.

Next, I would like to clarify first that no membership is sent through the District Treasurer. Membership is handled by the Auxiliary Treasurer and Department Treasurers only.

Please remember that the application process is not to be taken lightly and each part of it should be taken seriously. The Investigating Committee has a responsibility to actually look at the application and supporting eligibility paperwork as deemed appropriate by the National Bylaws and then sign. An Investigating Committee member should never just sign because they may be asked to. It is then that the application is given to the Secretary to be read at the next Auxiliary meeting and if then approved by the membership is given to the Auxiliary Treasurer for proper handling.

Q: As Auxiliary Treasurer what membership can I process online in MALTA?
A: As Auxiliary Treasurer you can still go in and pay Continuous Annual members’ dues or convert a member to a Life Member. You will not be able to process membership that requires application information being input. Only that membership will need to be sent to your Department Treasurer for input. For example, New, Rejoins and Transfer Members.

Q: Can an Auxiliary Treasurer process credit card payments for membership dues?
A: No. A current member may log in themselves to MALTA and pay their dues by credit card. Or any member purchasing a Life Membership with paperwork submitted to the Auxiliary Treasurer via credit card must be then sent to the Department Treasurer for processing.

Q: Can I still correct an address or phone number and record a member as deceased?
A: Yes, you will still be able to do those types of membership updates.

Q: Is this a permanent or temporary change and when does it begin?
A: It is a permanent change and begins on July 1, 2018. This is a separate situation from MALTA being shut down July 1 to July 9 for proper 2017-2018 year-end closing.

Q: After July 9, will I be able to do any membership?
A: Yes, you will still be able to pay 2019 Continuous Annual dues or convert an Annual member to Life.

Finally, we appreciate the comments you have sent previously regarding this issue and we ask that you be understanding in the decision.

Thank you,

Jan Passmore
National Secretary-Treasurer


2018 Life Membership Fees