Due to the transition to our new membership system, MALTA, beginning July 1, we will not be sending Treasurer’s Kits this year.

Q: How will members get their membership cards?

A: Once National Headquarters receives annual dues for a member, MALTA will create a list of those who need annual cards. That list will go to a printer where all the cards will be printed and mailed.


Q: How long will they have to wait to get their card?

A: Once payment has cleared at National Headquarters and the member’s information is sent, printed and mailed, we expect a time frame of 2-4 weeks.


Q: What will a member show at meetings to prove they are a member?

A: You must provide an official receipt for their payment. If they pay their dues online through MALTA, they can access a digital version of their membership card right away and can show this as proof of eligibility for any official VFW Auxiliary function.


Q: Do I HAVE to use MALTA?

A: We highly encourage you to use this wonderful new tool that was designed with YOU in mind. However, we do recognize that not everyone has the technology or desire to use new software. You can use the old forms and old methods of processing dues.


Q: Where do I get all these forms?

A: You can get those forms on the Treasurer Resource Page where you downloaded them from last year. Right now, the resources are still 2016-2017 documents:


Q: Will we get a new Treasurer’s Guide?

A: Yes, a new version of the guide will be available when MALTA is up and running. Remember, you can still process dues EXACTLY how you’ve always done it before. OR, you can choose to process them online through MALTA or teach your members how to do it themselves online. It will be available on the Treasurer Resource Page.


Q: How will I know how to use MALTA?

A: Your Department Treasurer, or a representative, is coming to Kansas City in May to be trained. That person will go back to your Department and teach others how to use it. Also, within MALTA will be tutorials and instructions on how to use it.


Q: Who do I call if I have questions about using MALTA?

A: We are pleased to tell you that there will be a helpline just for MALTA users. Watch your July magazine for the number. The helpline will be up and running July 7.


Q: What about Life Members? Will they get new cards?

A: Yes! All Life Members in our system as of April 26, 2017, will receive a brand new Life Membership Card compatible with MALTA. Life Memberships purchased between April 27 and June 30 will receive their cards in late July.


Due to the large number of Life Members in the VFW Auxiliary, National Headquarters needs to submit all current Life Members data to our fulfillment firm this week. This is so that our current Life Members receive the new and improved Life Membership cards during the first part of July 2017.


Because of this, any current Life Members who transfer Auxiliaries between May 1 and June 30, 2017, will not receive a new Life Membership card issued from National Headquarters. In the first part of July 2017, these members will receive a new card with their old Auxiliary information. National Headquarters will then submit data to our fulfillment firm in early July for Life Members who transferred between May 1 and June 30, 2017. It is our expectation that these Life Members will receive a new card with their new Auxiliary information on it near the end of July that will contain their correct Auxiliary information.